About the Machine Tool Reconditioning Book

Here is the table of contents for the book, please contact us for purchasing information.

Table of Contents

  1. The Art of Scraping
  2. Personal Requirements
  3. Characteristics of Metal
  4. Tools
  5. The Hand Scraper
  6. Manipulating the Scraping Tool
  7. Bench Oilstones
  8. The Surface Plate
  9. The Straight Edge
  10. Marking Mediums
  11. Markings
  12. Other Spotting Tools
  13. Squares
  14. Levels and Leveling
  15. Test Bars
  16. The Dial Indicator
  17. Gibs: Function, Construction, and Adjustment
  18. Grooves
  19. Hints on Routine
  20. Frosting Techniques
  21. Automatic Generation of Gages
  22. Standard Tests
  23. Factors in Reconditioning
  24. The Surface Bearing Requirements of the Slides and Ways of Precision Grinders
  25. Problems in Alignments
  26. The Engine Lathe
  27. The Horizontal Milling Machine
  28. The Vertical Milling Machine
  29. The Cylindrical Grinding Machine
  30. The Surface Grinding Machine


Download the .pdf version of the preface and table of contents.