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We are the proud provider of Edward F. Connelly's 1955 book, Machine Tool Reconditioning. You will find everything you could ever need to know about machine tool reconditioning techniques within the 533 pages of Connelly's book. Connelly was a well-respected expert on his topic and his writing has continued to provide valuable information to the present day.

He states that the purpose of his book is to give, “a comprehensive exposition of the hand scraping art and its principal application, the reconditioning of machine tools.” Connelly skillfully portrays the intricacies of his trade, and we are pleased to pass his knowledge on to you. Our website offers an exclusive preview of Machine Tool Reconditioning. Please feel free to browse through the Table of Contents and read the Preface . If you are looking for guidance and expertise to assist you with a reconditioning project, you have found the right place. To purchase your very own copy of Machine Tool Reconditioning , Contact Us today.